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Sunday, October 23, 2005


MSH TakeOwner working

I got some help from the newsgroup on My CurrentPrincipal problem.
(thx, again William)

so now I can use GiveOwner to do a TakeOwner.

See Also :

the Principal Problem :
playing with MY-object from MSH
the Get / set Owner Methods :
Update-TypeData (Democracy to the types)

I pasted the newsgrouppost, below

gr /\/\o\/\/

William Stacey [MVP] wrote:

> I believe you need to set the principle policy to WindowsPrinciple first,
> otherwise you get a GenericPrinciple by default:
> > AppDomain myDomain = Thread.GetDomain();
> myDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy(PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal);
> WindowsPrincipal myPrincipal = >(WindowsPrincipal)Thread.CurrentPrincipal;>

Great !it works :

MSH > $d = [system.threading.thread]::getdomain()
MSH > $d.SetPrincipalPolicy([ System.Security.Principal.PrincipalPolicy]::WindowsPrincipal)
MSH > $p = [system.threading.thread]::currentPrincipal
MSH > $u = $p.identity.get_user()
MSH > (gi test.txt).get_owner()


MSH> (gi test.txt).set_owner($U)
MSH> (gi test.txt).Get_owner()


thank You
gr /\/\o\/\/

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