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Thursday, March 23, 2006


It's busy at the Monad front

It's busy at the Monad front lately, so again I have a buch of links :

Keith got Scott Hanselman on Monad and how ;-)

Loving Mush - I mean Monad

( also check the podcast )

Also Keith has a Range Code Camp Presentation on Monad soon, read more on his blog Keith Hill's Blog

PS if you came from his blog looking for WMI examples, the script in my latest post about it generates scripttemplates for calling WMI Methods MSH get-WmiMethodHelp function Update 3
Also try a search on WMI on my blog, you will find some more examples I did in the past (as showing the WMI items in a GUI )

Monad source features some Monad downloads, scripts, forums and more to come.
Monad source

Karl Prosser is very busy on his MSH anallyzer

on The lazy admin also more and more monad stuff
Using MSH With Exchange 2003
TheLazyadmin.com MSH Category

also a nice example if you use I-tumes on opinionatedgeek
Using Monad/MSH to parse iTunes playlists [.NET]

Tony did some updates on his remote host
Monad Remoting - Now Can Read SecureString From Remote Client

also on IRC (irc.freenode.net channel #monad), there is MSH activity.

also the Monad Beta program moved to Connect for the bug reporting, you can read more about it on Lee Holmes blog Precision Computing

you also can find an item about an issue I posted about in the NG
Monad (Monad Technology Blog)
Finding out what determines which properties are displayed

I changed it to this, I think would be better (showing the main item CurrentUsage)



I generated some lists to check the other properties defined like this :

# list of all defined types :

([xml](gc $MSHHOME\types.mshxml)).types.type foreach {$_.name}

# list of WMI default properties

([xml](gc $MSHHOME\types.mshxml)).types.type foreach {"`n$($_.name.split('#')[1])`n";$_.members.memberset.members.PropertySet.ReferencedProperties foreach {$_.name}}

(Little bit of garbage at begin and end)

and this one also gets all properties of an instance for each WMI class in the list (to compare)

Take care !!! as cim_datafile is one of them this takes a long time, its better to get the names fro m the list and get the ones needed , I did this 2 times (second time to text file) just as I was lazy but it took 20 minutes !! (at will show only the first but gets all) it was just a quick oneliner to greate the 35 page list to compare)

if MSH seems to hang , (its not but scanning all your disks) and you want to stop it crtl-C does not work , you can break with ctrl-break this will stop the script but also closes the MSH session so use at own risk ;-)

the one-liner looks like this :

([xml](gc $MSHHOME\types.mshxml)).types.type foreach {"`n$($_.name.split('#')[1])";get-wmiobject ($_.name.split('#')[1].split('\')[2]) select -first 1 fl [a-z]*;$_.members.memberset.members.PropertySet.ReferencedProperties foreach {$_.name}}

Append this to output it to file -> out-file c:\wmiformat.txt

that's it for now


greetings /\/\o\/\/
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Blogger applepwc
hello /\/\o\/\/
I got some question on your recently script about wmiobject.
According you script. If the wmiobject is Win32_PageFileUsage,the property is showed

complete.But if the wmiobject is win32_processor,the outcome may be have some faults.
In the types.mshxml.

I found two propertyset.name.referencedproperties in the win32_processor defining. Your

script only show
But the "get-wmiobject win32_processor -computer ." will don't only show these.(also

AddressWidth,DataWidth and so on)
And show something else I don't konw why ( These aren't defined in the mshxml)
__GENUS : 2
__CLASS : Win32_Processor
__SUPERCLASS : CIM_Processor
__DYNASTY : CIM_ManagedSystemElement
__RELPATH : Win32_Processor.DeviceID="CPU0"
Thanks your help in advance.


Blogger applepwc
sorry for double post.
I missed something in my previous comment.

"I found two propertyset.name.referencedproperties in the win32_processor defining." is wrong,there just one.

I just question about why Win32_PageFileUsage doesn't show MshStatus propertyset But win32_process do it?
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
My post of this morning seems to be lost so a bit could be double

>I just question about why Win32_PageFileUsage doesn't show MshStatus propertyset But win32_process do it?

the MshStatus propertyset is also defined in the types.mshxml

MshStatus ReferencedProperties Status


(had to remove XML tags)

> And show something else I don't konw why ( These aren't defined in the mshxml)
__GENUS : 2

this is the standard output if nothing is defined in the types.mshxml, the properties you see beginning with the underscores are "internal" properties used by WMI.

that's why I put Format-list [a-z]* behind it to get rid of those.

get-wmi-object win32_process | FL [a-z]*

>But the "get-wmiobject win32_processor -computer ." will don't only show these

strange, with win32_process I found XXX behind it.

can not find why win32_processor does not work, altough it is defined.

gr /\/\o\/\/
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