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Sunday, May 28, 2006


PowerShell Tab Completion

PowerShell Tab Completion is since RC1 customizable,

you can look at the current implementation like this :

get-content function:TabExpansion

This is my first customization to this function :

I added Tab-completion for Types to get the static methods (and properties)
I like this especialy becouse normaly you have to remember to use get-member - static to list them.

This also works for Enums :

[regex]::M [tab]

[dateTime]:: [tab]

[consolecolor]::B [tab]
[consolecolor]::Black [tab]
[consolecolor]::Blue [tab]

the Code I added looks like this :

function tabexpansion {

# (Original Code Here )

            switch -regex ($lastWord)

# this Part is added to handle Types
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006
               # Handle Types
               '(\[.*\])::(\w*)' {
                    invoke-expression "$($matches[1]) | gm -static" | where {$_.name -like "$($matches[2])*"} |% {
                      if ($_.MemberType -band $method) {
                        "$($matches[1])::$($_.name)" + '('
                      } Else {

# End of added Part

               # Handle property and method expansion...

# (Original Code Here )


*Note* if you output the original code to a file (gc function:TabExpansion | out-file) you will miss the line "Function {" and the last "}" you need to add it to declare the function again.

then below the Switch statement (I left in in for readability, you add the custom code.

you need to . source the script to overwrite the $global tabExpansion function.
and put it in your profile to use it every session.


gr /\/\o\/\/
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Anonymous Anonymous
This is a great addition to the tab completion function! Leveraging on your work, I have added completion functionality for type names themselves:

# janel 2006
# Handle Type Names
'\[(.*)' {
[appdomain]::CurrentDomain.getassemblies() | % {$_.GetTypes() | ? {($_.FullName -like "$($matches[1])*") -or ($_.FullName -like "System.$($matches[1])*")} | % {"[$($_.FullName)]"}}

[system.date [tab]

It also resolves a type name if you omit 'system':
[date [tab]
Blogger /\/\o\/\/

thanks a lot for those additions !,
they where on my wishlist also.

only on my work PC this was to slow.

so I think I it would be good to only get the
[appdomain]::CurrentDomain.getassemblies() once and put it in to a $global variable and check from the function if its filled yet.
to speed it up

thanks again

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
about the break,
I have got it I forgot to past it into my blog
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
I changed your addition to fill a datatable with the assamlynames the first time and from then on use the datatable, this speeds it up a lot, only I miss the sublevels for now. to go level by level.
# janel 2006
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006 changed to cache assemblies
# todo go level by level
# Handle Type Names
'\[(.*)' {
if (!($global:dtAssemblies)) {
$global:dtAssemblies = new data.datatable
[appdomain]::CurrentDomain.getassemblies() | % {$_.GetTypes()} |% {$global:dtAssemblies.rows.add("$_.fullname")}
switch ($matches[1].length - $matches[1].replace('.','').length) {
0 {"[system"}
1 { $global:dtAssemblies.select("name like '$($matches[1])%'") |% {"[$($_.name)"}}
default { $global:dtAssemblies.select("name like '$($matches[1])%'") |% {"[$($_.name)"}}
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