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Monday, June 05, 2006


PowerShell Tab Completion Part 3 of more ?

*Edit* 31-08 :as Lee Holmes linked to this post but the shared code is gone, you can find the latest version (posted ) here : http://mow001.blogspot.com/2006/06/powershell-tab-completion-part-4.html

After my PowerShell Tab completion addition to expand type methods and properties in part 1 ,
Janel (French) added completion for typenames,
I made a caching version of it to speed it up and added leveled expansion with namespaces in part2

now also DbmwS jumped the bandwagon and added some functionality also :

a progressbar while loading the assemblies and typenames the first time,what gives a very nice effect. and also he added tab-expansion to scoped variables

for the Current status of the TabExpansion function, a version complete with mine and dbmws additions, the hotfixes mentioned in the comments of part 2, and the original code so you can just past it all in or load it from your profile :

*edit* as DbmwS seems to also have the new alias in his profile,
this bug from my version did slip, you need to change "new" to "new-object" in line 34 or add "new" as alias. (thanks martin for the comment)

*Edit 2* as DbmwS posted a corrected version I refreshed the link :

Feel free to add comments / extensions, as there is surely more to do still.
and its nice to play with.


Greetings /\/\o\/\/

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Anonymous Anonymous
Great. However, it didn't work until I changed "new" to "new-object" in line 34 or add "new" as alias.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
I edited to post to warn for it.

gr /\/\o\/\/
Blogger Sung Meister
Thanks, Martin and Mow, I have also updated on my blog
Now, my TabExpansion function source(including that of Mow's extended implementations) is on http://powershell.pastebin.com/760051
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