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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Let monad "drop" some chars

this script is not very usefull, it's Just to annoy someone,
when you start this script, Monad will start dropping letters at random, after every command, messing up the output.

It keeps pretending it's the "normal" shell, by getting the input from the user and starting it with invoke-command.

also it will "hide" it's starting line so that you can invoke it without being seen (on the console that is).

if your "target" call's for help let him press Ctrl-C, and MSH will act normal again.

gr /\/\o\/\/

# DropChars.msh
# just lets MSH "drop" some characters at random
# and hides startupline for more suprise
# /\/\o\/\/ 2005

$raw = $host.ui.rawUI
$WS = $raw.WindowSize

# Remove startup line
$pos = $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition 
$fgc = $host.ui.rawUI.ForegroundColor
$bgc = $host.ui.rawUI.BackgroundColor
$row = $host.ui.rawui.NewBufferCellArray($(" " * $WS.Width),$fgc,$bgc)
$host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition = $pos
$times = 0

while ($true) {
  $pos  = $raw.windowposition
  for ($time  = 0 ; $time -lt $Times ; $time++) {
    $r = new random
    for($i = 0 ; $i -lt $WS.Height ; $i++ ) {
      $x = $r.next($ws.width)
      [system.console]::MoveBufferArea($x,$pos.y,1,1,$x,$pos.y + 1)  
      $pos.y = $pos.y +1
  write-host -no (prompt)
  $line = [console]::readline()
  if ($line.Length -gt 0 ) {invoke-command $line}
  if ($times -lt 5) {$times++}

Blogger DontBotherMeWithSpam
Wouldn't it be also fun to change back/foreground colors of randomly inserted characters?

Or, it would be fun if you could just drop one of those invisible characters(char where fore & background colors are the same :))

Now, the latter case will be REALLY annoying :)
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
>Wouldn't it be also fun to change back/foreground colors of randomly inserted characters?

Yes it would ;-)

feel free to leave a script with your favorite annoyances in the Comments or on your blog ;-)

gr /\/\o\/\/
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