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Thursday, June 22, 2006


A big hurray for the Scripting Guy !

A big hurray for the Scripting Guy !
as Hey, Scripting Guy! Turns 500

and what do you do with you 500th Hey Scripting Guy ??
Answer your first powershell Question ! !

How Can I Use Windows PowerShell to Start a Service on a Remote Computer?

and there is a whole new bunch of Taskbased PowerShell examples also.

What Can I Do With Windows PowerShell?

All for us ungrateful scoundrels, making fun about him, and posting nasy comments about the
Windows PowerShell Script Repository and the scripts in there.

And did him that much pain See : PowerShell's Script Center problem

and still when he turns 500 he thinks first about us !

so let all powershell users send him 2 or more cards ( and Yes !...... snail-mail !! )

and lets promise not to be ungratefull again to the guy that did tell as all (or almost) we know ..

We're not worthy , we're not worthy .. but still forgiven..

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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PS I will start a series about AD and some comments about TechEd later, but this HAD to go first.

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