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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Windows PowerShell Video: Next Generation Command Line Scripting

Jeffrey Snovers TechEd 2006 session,
Windows PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting

is available as video on IT's Showtime:


*In this session, learn how PowerShell also serves as the foundation for
our next generation of Admin GUIs so that everything you can do from the
GUI you'll be able to do from the command line. You'll never view
command line scripting the same way again.*


Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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Blogger DontBotherMeWithSpam
I cannot believe that I missed such a great presentation...

Jeffrey was so passionate and... last night i dreamt about PowerShell, yet again...(i was watching the video right before going to bed)

With such great features of PowerShell, I am not surprised why Jeffrey was so darn eager to share his PowerShell expertise with others...

Alas, there was only one Video for PowerShell presentation on "It's ShowTime"...
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