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Monday, November 07, 2005


MSH start. Function

As I'm testing linebreaks in my code,

maybe this makes it a bit usefull,

Function Start. {
$Shell = new-object -com shell.application

Starts an explorer in the current directory

gr /\/\o\/\/

PS This could be a one-liner but I hope the lines break ;-)

Blogger Sung Meister
I have put a bit of modified version on my "profile.msh"

function startHere {
param([string] $dir = (pwd).path)
$sh = new-object -com shell.application

I think it's better to give myself a choice which folder to open... :)
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
ii . or ii c:\ will work also,
as was tipped in the newsgroup ;-)
Blogger Sung Meister
Hey, but i think it's better to have the "folder" navigation pane open instead...

Gosh, never knew about "ii"...
I will make sure to check newsgroup when i get home :)
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