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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Create System Variable From MSH (Part2)

I had some problems creating Sytem-wide environment variables :

Setting the Path / system variables from MSH
I found a workaround, Create System Variable From MSH

but also I got some Excelent answers from the NG (both better) :

One from Keith Hill :

Take a look at .NET's System.Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable() methods.
One of the overloads takes an enum that lets you specify User or System
environment variable.

I did And yes :
this Works :

and a tip from Jeffrey Snover :

MSH> $env = (new-object -com "WScript.Shell").Environment("SYSTEM")
MSH> ,$env gm
TypeName: System.__ComObject#{f935dc29-1cf0-11d0-adb9-00c04fd58a0b}
Notice the leading ",". The problem that you had was the $env is ENUMERABLE
so putting it into the pipeline unrolls it into its parts (strings), By
putting a "," in front you are creating a LIST of 2 elements
1) $NULL
This list gets unrolled and passes on its parts ($ENV) so that GM reports
The less esoteric way to address this is:
MSH> gm -input $env
In any case, the Setter works:
MSH> $env.item("TMP") = "c:\temp"


and this one really got me, that little comma solves alot of the problems I was having exploring .NET collections etc. from MSH.

E.g. the problem I had while working with The DataTable :
see Strange behavour of get-member on DataTables

I will blog more about this later I think, but for now this works :

$dt = new-object system.data.dataTable
,$dt gm

thx Both.

gr /\/\o\/\/

Blogger DontBotherMeWithSpam
thanks to yourhelp, now i get to see the difference between "ls env: | gm" and ",(ls env:) | gm".

I still think this is a lil' bit funky of a syntax that we have to use "," to retrieve the value of collection type...
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