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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Monad and "Jeugd sentiment"

I did not know the Right word for "Jeugd Sentiment" in english , but it's strange how much "Old stuff" comes up while playing with Monad, and how much it made me think back.


playing with the RawUI (sprites etc. on my Atari)
Wipe the screen in MSH
Thow Dices in MSH
Atari Laptop (no MSH content)

Oneliner compititions.
GUI folder copy tool

my BBS time (RA ASCI graphics)
MSH Welcome screen (*edit* b.t.w. I was looking for a Drawing program for ASCI to draw boxes etc, I remember one from that time, but the Welcome screen was made from a Bitmap converter I find while searching for one, I did not found it Yet any recomendations ? plz leave a comment.)

my IRC time (running #dutch (nick still MRC then)
Monad IRC Bot

and I see I'm not the only one (rember aliens ?).

and yesterday, as I did see this post on Lee Holmes blog : Monad hosting, an introduction

You see the Turtle ?!?!

again I found myself thinking back,

remembers me about the "Open Dagen" (introduction days) at school, where we did some Logo Demos, to interest new students for the Computerlessons.

how longer I play with Monad, the more I remember how much I misssed a good Shell to play with.

gr /\/\o\/\/

*edit* Oops I did almost forget VIM, as I used to carry a diskette with VI.exe (or Com) with me all the time at school, after starting with it programming INFORMIX on my Stage.
I slided back into notepad, but going back to it with VIM now with MSH.

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