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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Monad Beta 3 is Coming soon and I got a MVP award

Good news today,

Just did read some good news on the newsgroup, Adam Barr just anounced beta 3 of Monad(MSH)there.

"We are about to put out Beta 3"

Together with a question, if we still would need the old Beta's.

I would think no, for the following reasons.

As there seems to be some confusion about the versions, I think maybe it's better to pull both.

for the 50215 build :

the Framework was a reason not to upgrade to the 50727 build for a while , as I expected a compleet reinstall, (but managed it with some CD/DVD problems and reg cleaning), but I think by now there a much more reasons to get the final .NET framework, and I won't recommend it to new Monad users to start with it.(sure not downloading and installing the .NET 2.0 Beta TO install Monad ;-) )

for the 50727 build,

why point someone to an old build for a fresh install ?

(if you don't agree you can comment on it in the NG ;-)

if you did not use Monad before you might still need to install the .NET 2.0 framework,
be sure to install the Final (RTM) version.
you can find a link here : Monad Release for Whidbey RTM , together with the "still current" Beta 3 50727.

I would not reccoment to take the 50215 build of Beta 2 unless you still have the .NET 2.0 beta and not want to upgrade soon (there will be no Beta 3 for .NET 2.0 Beta !)

as said Beta 3 is almost there, you can wait a bit or just install the 50727 build,
becouse for the change of the version of monad, I don't expect any problems from beta 2 (50727) build as it uses the same framework,

If you come from the beta 2 (50215) build, it will be a bit more work (as from 50215 to 50727)because you have to install a new .NET framework also(and all other "old" .net stuff you have as VS 2005, SQL Beta, XML parsers etc.
see also Monad and Adam (and a preview of my to-be AD provider), I first did think I needed an re-install but as you can see there I managed to do it (but a reinstall is still on my to-do)

also :

Take care that you uninstall Monad first and then the framework !!

this is because the installer asks for it.

if you already on the RTM version of .NET 2.0 you have as said not much to worry about, so if you realy can't wait its pretty safe to install beta 2 for now.

so now we have to wait till it is posted.

Ok, I waited long enough ;-), (ok to long a added it to the title ;-))

the other Great News today, some already have seen it in the NG (see comments on last post)

I got a MVP award !!!
MVP Windows Server - Admin Frameworks

for more information about the award you can look here : http://mvp.support.microsoft.com

you can imagine how happy I am about it.

greetings /\/\o\/\/

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Anonymous Anonymous
Congrats! I also got a MVP award in the same area. That's my first and I'm pysch'd about it too.
Anonymous Anonymous
Hello Mr. /\/\o\/\/!
I'm newpops, Japanese Monad Blogger.
Congratulations on a MVP award !
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
hey keith congratulations also !

Hello NewPops,

Thx, for the congratulations and thanks for the nice blog item, I did gladly put the link on my site, you got a good blog also i think, too bad I can't read your comments, but I can see the scripts.

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
>too bad I can't read your comments, but I can see the scripts.

OK. Well then, I try to use more word in English at my Blog. :-)
Anonymous Anonymous
Congratulation for your MVP award - after what I have read on this blog you really deserve it. You have done much in explaining MSH and showed many powerful features! Thank you so far.
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