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Friday, January 20, 2006


MSH Scroll-host function

The only way to scroll by keyboard (without a mouse) in the command console, hence in MSH Is by using the following combination of key's

Alt-Space, E, L

this is not very handy

after I saw a post about this in the NG, I made this function scroll-host (alias S), to simplify it a bit, after you run this script

S [enter]

is enough to get into scrolling mode , Space will stop the scollingmode and jump back to the last line.

# Scroll-Host.msh 
# creates Scroll-Host Function 
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006 
# http://mow001.blogspot.com 

Function Scroll-host { 

  $Oldpos = $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition 

  while ($true) { 

    $script:pos = $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition 
    $key = $host.ui.rawui.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyDown").VirtualKeyCode

    # Quit on Space Enter or Escape

    if ($key -eq 32 -or $key -eq 13 -or $key -eq 27) {
        $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition = $oldpos;break}

    # Handle Cursor 

    switch ($key) {
      38 {$script:pos.y -=1
      40 {$script:pos.y +=1
      33 {$script:pos.y -= ($host.ui.rawui.windowsize.height -1)} 
      34 {$script:pos.y += ($host.ui.rawui.windowsize.height -1)} 

    if ($script:pos.y -lt 0) {$script:pos.y = 0
    if ($script:pos.x -lt 0) {$script:pos.x = 0
    if ($script:pos.y -gt ($host.ui.rawui.buffersize.Height - 1)) {
            $script:pos.y = ($host.ui.rawui.buffersize.Height - 1)} 
    $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition = $script:pos 

set-alias s scroll-host

the trick part was that I could not get rid of the Key press echoed to the screen, so I remove it after, by buffering the character that was there before.

*edit* , I got a helpfull comment from "Monad Jim", so I could remove the "ugly" character removing work-around :

# Read the key and remove the output of this

$TempPos = $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition
$re = new-object $rect $TempPos.x,$TempPos.y,1,$TempPos.y
$buffer = $host.ui.rawui.getbuffercontents($re)
$key = $host.ui.rawui.ReadKey().VirtualKeyCode


gr /\/\o\/\/
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PS. Yes, I could have used a switch statement for the keycheck, also you could add enter to quit also as in the original, it's that lazy thing again ;-).

*Edit* as I removed the echo comment I did those changes also.

Anonymous Anonymous
you can reduce the keystroke input logic to the following:

$key = $host.ui.rawui.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyDown").VirtualKeyCode

There's an overload to readkey that allows you to not echo the key stroke! Woo hoo!
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Woo Hoo, Indeed ;-)

I realy did not like the buffer trick but missed that overload.

thanks for the Comment, realy helpfull !

gr /\/\o\/\/
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