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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Some fun With Monads Add-Member, MP3 files and COM

In Monad Beta 3 there is a new command,


This command lets you add you Custom Members to an MSHObject (the wrapper MSH uses).
It works a bit like adding ScriptMethods and Properties in the Typedata (See : Update-TypeData (Democracy to the types)), but now you can do this on-the-fly.

Also it's a bit like using the Select-Object statement to make Custom Properties, I used before here : Report MP3 count and size by User from MSH , I going to use the Same Data (A list of MP3 files on a Disk) to show some Examples of Add-Member to get some more info from them as Artist, Title and add a Play Method.

First lets get the list :

$computer = "."
$drive = "G:"
$Extension = "MP3"

# get the MP3 Files

$files = get-wmiobject -computer $computer cim_datafile -filter "Drive = '$drive' AND Extension = '$Extension'"

MSH>$files | ft

     Compressed       Encrypted Size                     Hidden Name                  Readable System File    Version             Writeable
     ----------       --------- ----                     ------ ----                  -------- -----------    -------             ---------
          False           False                           False g:\monad\74q...           True                                         True
          False           False                           False g:\mp3\80-12...           True                                         True

Now we have a list of MP3 files, but I do not like the Standard Output.
For MP3 files I would like Other Properties,
like Author, that the standard output does not provide but as I know that the Shell.Application COM-object can provide this Info I can Add it with Add-Member using a scriptProperty, like this :

# Add a Script Property

$files | add-member -Type scriptProperty "Author" {
  $shell = new-object -com shell.application
  $Folder = $shell.Namespace($this.drive + $this.path)
  $file = $Folder.Items().Item($this.filename + "." + $this.extension)
  $Property = $Folder.GetDetailsOf($file,9)
  return $Property
} -force

Now I added that ScriptProperty and can do like this :

Dire Straits

Now every time I ask for the Author scriptproperty like that, the scriptMethod gets called, and gets the Author.

I would like to add some more properties, but would not like every time I check them the Script will run, So I will add some more properties but now I use a NoteProperty, that I fill only one time with the script(I add an ID too, you see why later ;-)).

# Add some More Properties, but use NoteProperties this Time

$shell = new-object -com shell.application
$i = 0 
foreach ($file in $files) {
  add-member -in $file -type noteProperty -name "ID" $i -force
  foreach ($prop in (@{Title = 10;Artist = 9;AlbumTitle = 17}).getEnumerator()) {
    $oFolder = $shell.Namespace($file.drive + $file.path)
    $oFile = $oFolder.Items().Item($file.filename + "." + $file.extension)
    $Property = $oFolder.GetDetailsOf($oFile,$script:prop.Value)
    add-member -in $file -type noteProperty -name $prop.key $Property -force
  $i += 1

Now I added some more Properties, If you do a get-member you can see that,
but We can make it even more Handy we can group our properties in a propertyset.

# Make a PropertySet from them 

$files | add-member --type PropertySet "Mp3Info" ([string[]]("ID","Title","Artist","FileType","AlbumTitle","Path")) -force

MSH>$files[50] | select mp3info

ID         : 50
Title      : Skateaway
Artist     : Dire Straits
FileType   : MP3 Format Sound
AlbumTitle : Making Movies
Path       : \mp3\dire straits\dire straits (1980) - making movies\

Nice or not ?,
but Wait we are not ready yet, We can also add ScriptMethods, so to make it even more handy, let's Add this :

# Add The Play Method

$files | add-member -Type scriptMethod "Play" {$WMP = new -com "WMPlayer.OCX";$wmp.openplayer($this.name)}

Now we can Also call the PLay() method on the MP3 file to play it in Windows Media PLayer.

# play SurfCity from the GhostTones 
($files |  where {$_.artist -eq "The Ghosttones" -and $_.Title -eq "Surf City"}).play()

Cool or not ?,
this just plays 1 file, but as you can also make playlist etc from here, for more info about using the windows MediaPlayer here :

Monad Really Does Rock

Now you can also see why I did add the ID value :

MSH>$files | where {$_.artist -like "*Brood*"} | ft mp3info

                     ID Title                   Artist                 FileType               AlbumTitle             Path
                     -- -----                   ------                 --------               ----------             ----
                    623 Never Be Clever         Herman Brood           MP3 Format Sound       Nederpop Top 100 Go... \MP3\NL\Neder....
                    647 Still Believe           Herman Brood & His ... MP3 Format Sound       Nederpop Top 100 Go... \MP3\NL\Neder....
                    666 Saturday Night          Herman Brood & His ... MP3 Format Sound       Nederpop Top 100 Go... \MP3\NL\Neder....

You can see Add-Member is a very Powerfull way to extend Objects in MSH.
And remember if you want them permanent you can also use the MSHXML files and update-typedata.

gr /\/\o\/\/
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