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Thursday, April 27, 2006


PowerShell out-PropertyGrid (MSH view-Object)

As with the switch from Monad to PowerShell there where some breaking changes, I have started a walk trough my blog history, and will re-do some of the scripts.
I will start with the first script on my blog :
MSH Object Viewer

I posted this script also on the NG some time before, and got a great suprise when I did watch the second Channel 9 video with Jeffrey Snover :
MSHObjectViewer mentioned in More talking about Monad (links to all the channel 9 videos you can find in the $links section in the bottom of the blog)

The script will take a Object from the commandline (If you use the PowerShell Analyzer or VS it will look familiar ;-))

B.T.W. Karl did also update his MSH analyzer to PowerShell Analyzer, if you don't know this great PowerTool check out his blog Karl Prosser - Klumsy Geek

I did add the -noBase switch (but it seems not needed that often anymore)

and I did add a -array switch as I made the function also take pipeline input, I did rename it and fixed the Focus issue (for more info search for GUI in the blog), now you can use it like this

out-propertyGrid (get-date)

opg (LS)

opg (ls)[0# shows first file / dir

ls | opg # shows last file (check the date editor ;-)

ls | opg -array # shows list

gwmi win32_operatingsystem | opg # note that you can browse in the Grid !

gwmi win32_share | opg -a

if you have a WMI Object in the PropertyGrid, try to open the properties, you get a nice list. Also try to change a date of a file you get a nice calendar.

the MSHObject (PsObject) was needed in the old beta as otherwise I did get the wrapperObject, so maybe its better to make the shitch called -PsObject and change it to $psObject.PsObject)

here is the Updated script :

# out-PropertyGrid.ps1   
# will show an Object in a PropertyGrid (propertywindow in Visual Studio) 
# this is an easy way to look at MSH objects, you can read / write the object properties.
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006   
# http://mow001.blogspot.com

Function out-PropertyGrid {
  Param ($Object,[switch]$noBase,[Switch]$array)
  $PsObject = $null
  if ($object) {
    $PsObject = $object
     if ($Array.IsPresent) {
       $PsObject = @()
       $input |% {$PsObject += $_}
       $input |% {$PsObject = $_}
  if ($PsObject){
    $form = new-object Windows.Forms.Form 
    $form.Size = new-object Drawing.Size @(600,600
    $PG = new-object Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid 
    $PG.Dock = 'Fill' 
    $form.text = "$psObject" 
    if ($noBase.IsPresent) {"no";
      $PG.selectedobject = $psObject 
      $PG.selectedobject = $psObject.PsObject.baseobject 
if (!(get-command -ea SilentlyContinue opg)) {set-alias opg out-PropertyGrid}


Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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