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Monday, May 22, 2006


PowerShell : Getting Subdirectories using WMI part 2

In the last post PowerShell : Getting Subdirectories using WMI ,
I did use the WMI relation to get a folders subfolder.

Pete did ask 3 questions in the comments of the last post.
I think they were interesing enough to make a new post,

first about using $name and just the string of the directoryname,

as I made commandline examples I did just type in the string, and did $name = 'c:\foo' as you would do that in the Share example (it would be the path of the share there, i give that example in the NG I think.)
I just mixed it up in the examples by acident sorry if that was confusing.

but for the second question how to handle the escapingm if you get back a path without the escaping you can use the replace method.


you can see how I used it in the recursive sample below

and the last question, about recursion,
we can make a recursive function in PowerShell to get all the subdirectories,
in the sample below the function does just call itself again for each subdirectory found. so that it wil recurse the complete subtree.

# recursive directory iterating using wmi
Function get-DirTree ($name) {
  (gwmi Win32_directory -filter "name = '$name'").getrelated('Win32_directory') |
    where {$_.name -match $name} |% {
      get-SubDirs $_.name.replace('\','\\')

# Example 

MowPS>get-SubDirs c:\\foobar

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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Blogger applepwc
A little mistake:
Function get-DirTree ($name) {
should be
Function get-SubDirs ($name) {
I changed your script a little:
Function get-SubDirs ($name) {
(gwmi Win32_directory -filter "name = '$name'").getrelated('Win32_directory') |
where {$_.name -match $name} |% {
get-SubDirs $_.name
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
hi Applewc,


I did change my mind about the name while testing, but gorgot to edit.

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
See "more on wmi folder security" in the NG.
Anonymous Anonymous
So this type of directory check bombs out when there are special characters in the folder name e.g. "Pete's Folder". I looked at the post on your site related to System.Management.RelatedObjectQuery but was not sure how to implement it in this case.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Pete :

(gwmi Win32_directory -filter "name = 'c:\\foobar'").getrelated($null,"Win32_SubDirectory",$null,$null,$null,"GroupComponent",$false,$null)

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
So using the following:
Function get-SubFolder ($name) {
(gwmi Win32_directory -filter "name = '$name'").getrelated($null,"Win32_SubDirectory",$null,$null,$null,"GroupComponent",$false,$null) |% {
get-SubFolder $_.name
Function will get subfolders with or without special characters; but errors out when the folder path with special character is passed back to function or when Get-SubFolder C:\test's is used.
This version didn't work either:
(new-object Management.ManagementObjectSearcher('associators of {Win32_Directory.Name="c:\\foobar"} where assocclass = Win32_SubDirectory role = GroupComponent')).get()
Is it me?
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
this happens before :
we need to escape here also:


nope its not you,
escaping is difficult to handle

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
so using another replace line:
It will take account of ', but is there a generic approach to cover all situations that need escaping in the path?
Anonymous Anonymous
MOW, I did some tests and works with all English keyboard characters and a variety of Unicode as well.
Maybe the escape for \ and ' is all we need.
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