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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Some Powershell News

I did see some interesting PowerShell items a wanted to share

first this PowerShell Grammar overview.

then as there is a new PowerShell revision1.0.9567.1 (links still work / work again)
there also came 2 updated tools :

Tony did a new version of PowerShell Remoting

PowerShell Remoting version

Also Karl made a new version of PowerShell analyzer
Recompiled for new Windows PowerShell RC1 (Refresh version)


also I did see this post, Not bothering with MS newsgroups any more,
as I'm sometimes also a bit wondered why some questions are asked, they make it harder to anwer real questions, but then again they also give sometimes lead to nice and interesting reactions Can someone explain why we should need powerscript. and some humor so sometimes are still nice to follow.

as PowerShell gets his own newsgroup I things will get a bit better, as we also have to think about it that we are still "sharing" the NG with the other Server scripting languages, so not everybody is asking for the PowerShell posts also.

it does stay a difficult question, as I also remember how it was when I started with Monad, l but I still would recommed to follow microsoft.public.windows.server.scripting and later microsoft.public.windows.PowerShell as it still is a great source to get PowerShell info, and support.
b.t.w. I did see a discusion like this before in the comments on Lee Holmes blog before about what to post on his blog,
Question: Do you _not_ read the newsgroup?

what do you think about Newsgroups comparing other forms like the docs, Blogs, Sites, IRC ?

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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Anonymous Anonymous
I think you're absolutely right -- as PowerShell gets its own newsgroup things will get better. In a newsgroup setting I think it's particularly important to have a very specific topic, especially for anything related to programming.

When it comes to getting answers to questions I tend to check Google, as it gives me access to blogs, newsgroups, and documentation fairly equally. It's not ideal, but works well enough for now.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Hi kjw,

nice you did find my remark about your post, thanks for your reaction,

ofcourse I also use Google groups to find answers ( and yes it would be nice if more people would do that before asking the same question again)

but I still (especialy in the PowerShell case) learn a lot from following and participating in the Newsgroups and they also got me adieas for my blog.

b.t.w. we have our own newsgroup now (it went live Yesterday (18-05) :


so thats a good thing also.

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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