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Friday, June 23, 2006


TechEd RoundUp

I had a great TechEd.

First of course having the chance to meet Jeffrey Snover, the Windows PowerShell Architect was realy great and when we did also meet and spend some quality time (a couple of hours on a table with 3 open laptops exchanging a lot of info ;-) ) with Scott Hanselman on Sunday,
after that in the evening the tech-check for the , and then dinner with Jeffrey in Boston.

my TechEd was allready made !

Then on monday, before the Windows PowerShell: Solving Management Problems session I did meet Don Jones who anounced PowerShell support in PrimalScript 4.1 in this session . and that is writing the book Windows PowerShell: TFM, you also you can find 2 interviews he did with Jeffrey Snover Here .
And I also did a Small demo about ActiveDirectory management on stage.
Tomorrow I will post the contents a bit more information about that in the first entry in a series about this as I decided to turn it into a series on the blog to cover a lot more AD stuff.

Also Jeffrey Snover's Tuesday morning session Windows PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting was great. and I did hear find a lot of good credits about it at TechEd, and in my PowerShell news collector after I got home ( there where a lot of powershell posts last weeks check also DontBotherMeWithSpam 's excellent powershell Links collection he keeps here : http://del.icio.us/powershell )

Scott Hanselmann also did 2 Lighting sessions about powerShell, I did see one of them it was realy great.

Vivek Sharma's Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Management Shell and Scripting session
was also very good (made seriously considering getting into Exchange again I didn't used since 5.5 and (never did regret) and what would be homework as I have no exchange at work ). the Mark Russinovich sessions where also great, the MOM 2007 PowerShell support. I did see some virtual machine management CMDlets for PowerShell (a hot topic at the moment). Some IronPhyton and RUBY (maybe some more about that in a later post) and much, much more interesting info.

Also I realy enjoyed the talks and powershell demoing between my sessions at the PowerShell Booth, snd all the People I had the chance to meet .

and ofcourse The Train Concert at Fenway park, and The Influencers party where amazing (I had to miss a cruise with Sapien that they where so kind to invite me for and I hid hear was also great ) ,

Tomorrow I will Start a series about Active directory management from PowerShell that will cover the demo material :

- How to use the .NET classes
- Connect to AD
- List SubOU's
- Create a User
- make a loop Create 100 Users
(do some formatting and what went wrong ;-))

but with more background info.

and then going on from that in the followup parts (amongs others).

- filling more properties,
- enabling the accounts.
- connect to the schema to lost possible properties
- using a directorySearcher to search AD
- Large queries / group listings
- Working with logondates
- creating users from CSV
- using activedirectory .NET classes to manage infrastructure.
- making some small utility scripts

I will try to work from the very beginning and from there on to the more advanced sample scripts on my blog and how they work in a 5 - 10 parts series.

also I might change my blog hosting and the layout (after a lot of elbows from Scott Hanselmann on TechEd) so I can also make my blog more accessible, but this can take some time, more about this later.

I did Enjoy,

Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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Anonymous Anonymous
I eagerly await your coming series about AD and powershell. I've been playing around myself with both, and have a hit a few roadblocks and look forward for inspiration.

James Pogran
Anonymous Anonymous
Have you found anything regarding the new R2 UNIX attributes for a AD User's account and how to create/modify with PS?
I been looking at this with VBScript but have found nothing yet.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Hiya Pete,

I did see the atrributes, while playing with it on R2.
I did not look into them yet.

but this can get you started.

$schema = [system.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchema]::GetCurrentSchema()


this will get you all the properties.

$schema.FindClass('user').GetAllProperties() | ft Name,Syntax,IsSingleValued

unicodePwd OctetString True
unixHomeDirectory IA5String True
unixUserPassword OctetString False

You can set them even if you not see them yet.

$user.unixHomeDirectory = 'path'

more about this later in the series.

hope this helps.

Greetings /\/\o\/\/

Blogger /\/\o\/\/
looks like I mispasted :
the commands look like :

$schema = [system.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchema]::GetCurrentSchema()
$schema.FindClass('user').GetAllProperties() | ft Name,Syntax,IsSingleValued

gr /\/\o\/\/
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