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Monday, October 31, 2005


Strange behavour of get-member on DataTables

When working on the get_WMIdatagrid

See : WMI viewer script for MSH (GUI)

I noticed some strange behavour of Get-Member :

Get-Member will not show me DataTables or collections.
how do I look at there methods and properties?
as you can see in the example below that MSH will not even give me A get Member on a DataTable (say's I have no Object, but as you see I can work with it only I can't see wat I'm doing ;-()

That is Till I add a Datarows to it
then it will not give me the dataRowCollection but a dataRow,
that's 3 levels deeper than tat I asked for !

( DataTable -> DataRowCollection -> DataRow )

$dt = new-object system.data.datatable

if you try this in the MSH Object Viewer


it WILL work !

I recently noticed that this works also :

MSH G:\Monad> new-object system.data.dataTable  gm

TypeName: System.Data.DataTable

Name MemberType Definition
---- ---------- ----------
AcceptChanges Method System.Void AcceptChanges()
add_ColumnChanged Method System.Void add_ColumnChanged(DataColumnChangeEventHandler value)

But ofcourse this is not handy while working.
this has cost me a lot of time while testing.

gr /\/\o\/\/

PS I posted this in the NG also if I hear something about i I will post again.
*Edit* I got an asnwer : See Create System Variable From MSH (Part2)

MSH > $dt = new-object system.data.datatable
MSH > $dt
MSH > $dt gm
get-member : No object has been specified to get-member.
At line:1 char:8

MSH > $DT.TableName = "test"
MSH > $dt
MSH > $dt.tablename

MSH > $dt gm
get-member : No object has been specified to get-member.
At line:1 char:8

MSH > $Col = new-object System.Data.DataColumn
MSH > $Col.ColumnName = "col1"
MSH > $DT.Columns.Add($Col)

MSH > $Col = new-object System.Data.DataColumn
MSH > $Col.ColumnName = "col2"
MSH > $DT.Columns.Add($Col)

MSH > $dt.columns

MSH > $dt.columns gm

TypeName: System.Data.DataColumn

Name MemberType Definition
---- ---------- ----------

MSH > $dt gm
get-member : No object has been specified to get-member.
At line:1 char:8

MSH > $dr = $dt.newrow()
MSH > $dr.col1 = "val1"
MSH > $dr.col2 = "1"

MSH > $dr = $dt.newrow()
MSH > $dr.col1 = "val2"
MSH > $dr.col2 = "2"
MSH > $DT.Rows.Add($DR)

MSH > $dt gm

TypeName: System.Data.DataRow

$MC = new-object system.management.ManagementClass win32_share
$MOC = $MC.GetInstances()
$MOC foreach {
$null = "Trap Me Please"
trap{"Trap";$null[$null] = "Find Me Please"}

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