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Friday, February 03, 2006


Check spelling with MSN Search from MSH (Part 3)

A small word checker for MSH using MSN Search,

it uses the Culture of the MSH Shell, but you can overrule it.
it works like this :

MSH>check-spelling januar
MSH>check-spelling januar nl-nl

the script looks like this :

# Check-Spelling 
# checks spelling of a word using MSN Search Web Service   
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006  
# http://mow001.blogspot.com 

Function Check-Spelling {
        [string]$Culture = (get-Culture).name
  $MSN = new MSNSearchService

  $s = new SourceRequest
  $s.source = [sourcetype]::spelling
  $s.ResultFields = ([ResultFieldMask]::All)

  $sr = new SearchRequest
  $sr.AppID = "Your AppID here !!!!!"
  $sr.Requests = $S
  $sr.Flags = [SearchFlags]::None
  $sr.CultureInfo = $Culture
  $sr.query = $word

  $r = new sourceResponse
  $r = $MSN.Search($sr)
  $r.responses[0].results | foreach {$_.Title}

(for getting the DLL and AppID Needed see, Search with MSN Search Web API from MSH (Part 1))

gr /\/\o\/\/
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PS I'm also working on extending the search example of the 2nd part of this series,
for now 2 quick fixes I did I thinks are handy :

# fixes on example part 2

# Overrule the Prompt to show result Count (I did rename prompt-continue) :

    $Choice = Prompt-Choice -caption "Showing : $($S.Offset) to $($S.Offset + 9) of $($r.Responses[0].total) Results"

# Fix for opening explorer on empty URL
   [0-9] {
           if ($r.responses[0].results[($_)].url) {
             (new-object -com shell.application).ShellExecute($r.responses[0].results[($_)].url)

Blogger /\/\o\/\/
"I did I thinks are handy "

and I dare to post about spelling ?

MSH>do-msnsearch Dunglish
[0] Dunglish

Although Dunglish is being used to hype up something, it still ends up dumbing it down. While the Netherlands is still heavily debating the
latest round of spelling changes, Dunglish marches on, as if ...

I lucky i'm not on it yet :

but then again .. ;-)

MSH>do-msnsearch site:www.dunglish.nl mow

[0] Dunglish » Blog Archive » I'm going on vacation!
I don't want to mow the grass before your feet" = "Ik wil u het gras niet voor de voeten wegmaaien" = "I don't want to take credit for what
you accomplished". "Are you standing behind ...

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