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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


and another source for MSH scripts is born

and another source for MSH scripts is born

See :
Introducing Readify's MSH script site.

the site is : http://scripts.readify.net

Also you can find an article about the Exchange Management Shell (Monad + tip of the day and Exchange snapins ) on : msExchange.org.

b.t.w. on Monad source in the script section you can find a script from James Truher to get logontimes from AD, as I did in get a Users LastLogontime and Domaincontroller from MSH ", but without the Snap-In I created as a work-around for the LargeInt problem see :MSH snap-in to Translate IADsLargeInteger to Int64 (also the ManagementObjectSearcher will translate it I will show it in the next post as a bonus item ;-)

I wanted to start on an item about working with CSV files, (I will will include the logontime script to create one of the CSV files), when I noticed the links I did mention here,
so I need to go on, to be able to post it today ;-)

greetings /\/\o\/\/
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