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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Wipe the screen in MSH

MSH has a function Clear-host (alias CLS) for this,
only this one is a bit more colorfull ;-)

I think I had one on my Atari, that did some more modes,
like Horizontal - diagonal - square etc.

that's where the Mode param is for, also the speed and Colors could be configurable, but at second tought I stop here, leaving it parked for a while, but I'm sure I will come into a situation when I realy need them sometime in the future, so then I can quickly make those additions to the function and will post them to the blog also, but I don't know exactly when that will happen, till then feel free to let your own wipe-screen fantasies go ;-)

gr /\/\o\/\/

PS. if you think of a nice one feel free to leave it in a Comment.

# Wipes your screen clear
#/\/\o\/\/ 2005
function Wipe-Screen{
Param ([int] $Mode = 1)

  # Get some info about the window 
  $raw = $host.ui.rawUI
  $WS = $raw.WindowSize
  $pos  = $raw.windowposition

  # lower the curtain 
  $fgc = [system.consolecolor]"Gray"
  $bgc = [system.consolecolor]"red"
  $row = $host.ui.rawui.NewBufferCellArray($("_" * $WS.Width),$fgc,$bgc)
  for($i ; $i -lt $WS.Height ; $i++ ) {
   sleep -m 5 
    $pos.y = $pos.y +1

  # Raise it again 

  $bgc = [system.consolecolor]"Black"
  $row = $host.ui.rawui.NewBufferCellArray($(" " * $WS.Width),$fgc,$bgc)
  $i = $WS.Height + 1
  for($i ; $i -gt 0 ; $i-- ) {
    sleep -m 5
    $pos.y = $pos.y -1

  # Cheat a little bit


Set-Alias WS Wipe-Screen

Blogger Sung Meister
LOL, this one goes well with my "MSH >" prompt where "MSH" is colored red...
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