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Saturday, November 05, 2005


WMI help Part 2


As in the first part : Wmi-Help Part 1 we got all the WMI classes and there description back, we are now looking deeper into a Single Class.

This time I implemented it as a fuction, as Im not planning to save this info or act upon it.
its just for reference. This stay's a loose function in the "WMI Help system"

let's Look at the parts again :

The Parm / If / Throw block will force you to give a WMI class

Then we have to set the get Amended Qualfiers again, as we are (very) interested in the descriptions again.

this Time we will put the $opt into the constructor of the ManagementObject directly.
(Notice I'm using the system.management.ManagementClass object here, not the system.management.ManagementObject, thats because I like the Overload Better ;-))

the rest of the script is pretty clear I think if you did read that last first part, I'm just outputting all the data there.

Ad the End of the script I set the GWH alias to give Quick acces from the MSH commandline for this function.

Now where all done, for this part,

just load the script, ...try this ...,

MSH>gwh win32_share

... and be amazed ;-)

in the next part we will dive deeper into the Methods , and get even more help (Descriptions) there

gr /\/\o\/\/

PS. Try this also together with previous handy (GUI) tools for Exploring WMI
See WMI viewer script for MSH (GUI) , MSH Object Viewer ,
and for help on building Difficult Queries : Lets Query WMI from MSH
then I think you can already get alot of info from MSH about WMI at this point next to the get-Member Command.

Ok, and finaly the script :

# GetWmiClasInfo.MSH
# Gets Property and Method with descriptions from WMI class
# /\/\o\/\/ 2005

Function get-WMIHelp{
  Param ([string] $WmiClass = ""
  if ($wmiClass -eq "") {Throw "No WMIClass given"}

  # Set Options
  $opt = new-object system.management.ObjectGetOptions
  $opt.UseAmendedQualifiers = $true

  $MO = new-object system.management.ManagementClass($WmiClass,$opt)
  "`n$WMIClass :"
  "`n$WmiClass Properties :`n"

  $MO.get_properties()| foreach {
    "$($_.Name) :"

  "$WmiClass Methods :`n"

  $MO.get_Methods() | foreach {
    "$($_.Name) :"
set-alias gwh get-WMIHelp

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