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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Monad IRC Bot

I found a blogentry about a Msh IRC bot some time ago here :


and now I found an updated version here :

MSH/Monad - Microsoft Command Shell by Wells

I for this Demo I added this piece of code to it, to make a !do command available next to the !say Command. :

            Elseif ($matches["arguments"] -match "^(?<to>.+)\s:(\!Do\s(?<message>.+))")
                if (($matches["to"][0]) -eq '#')
                    { $replyTo = $matches["to"] }

                PrivMessage $replyTo $(Invoke-Command $matches["message"])

for the rest I just changed the Server and IRC channel, and started it up.

I started up mIRC and joined the channel,
now I could give Commands (!say or !do) in the channel and let the Bot do things like this :

*Warning* As you might understand, this is a very unsecure way to feed commands to MSH !, as anyone in the channel has acces to you computer trough this,so DON'T use this "as-is" as your "MSH" remoting solution !
(also the output has some limitation as you see when you play a bit more with it)

As said be very carefull with it, but still I think this is very Cool.


gr /\/\o\/\/

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