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Friday, December 30, 2005


MSH Get-MSDN Function

I made this small function to start the MSDN library in the standard browser for a Typename.

Function Get-MSDN ($type = "default") {
  (new-object -com shell.application).Open("http://msdn2.microsoft.com/library/$type.aspx")

Inspired by a BlogItem on the Monad Team Blog, that adds a helplink to the get-member data.

Getting MSDN help urls for .NET BCL types and Members

*tip* if you do not want to edit your default Types.MSHXML you can also use update typedata for this :
see : Update-TypeData (Democracy to the types)
there are also some examples of adding methods to Objects in that post.

but I liked this also as a short function,

will get you to Root of the Library
get-MSDN system.object
will get you to The System.Object Page
get-msdn system.object.GetHashCode
will get you to The System.Object getHashCode Method Page.

gr /\/\o\/\/

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