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Thursday, January 26, 2006


MSH out-zip Function

This function will add files to a "Compressed (zipped) Folder" or will make a new ZIP file if the file does not exists.

you can use the Shell.application COM Object to add files or folders to a Compressed folder, so you can also use the CopyGUI ScriptMethod from Update-TypeData (Democracy to the types) , to add files or folders to a ZIP file, as this uses this object also.

(gi test.txt).CopyGUI("c:\mow.zip")

MSH>(gi .).copygui

Script              : $name= $args[0]
                                      #$target = (read-host "Enter Target: ")
                                      $(new-object -com shell.application).NameSpace($name).CopyHere($this.fullname)
                                      trap {"Error Copying"continue }
OverloadDefinitions : {System.Object CopyGUI();}
MemberType          : ScriptMethod
TypeOfValue         : System.Object
Value               : System.Object CopyGUI();
Name                : CopyGUI
IsInstance          : False

But only if this ZIP file does already exist.

the Out-Zip function will also Create a New ZIP file (Compressed Folder) , if it does not exist.

I made it to take file or directory objects from the pipeline so you can use it like this :

# add all textfiles in Dir to Mow.zip
ls *.txt | out-zip c:\mow.zip

#add Monad directory to zipfile
cd g:\monad
gi . | outzip c:\mow.zip

(more like a filter)

the script looks like this :

# Out-Zip.msh
# creates out-Zip function
# /\/\o\/\/ 2006   
# http://mow001.blogspot.com

function out-zip {

  if (-not $path.EndsWith('.zip')) {$path += '.zip'}

  if (-not (test-path $path)) {
    set-content $path ("PK" + [char]5 + [char]6 + ("$([char]0)" * 18))
  $ZipFile = (new-object -com shell.application).NameSpace($path)
  $input | foreach {$zipfile.CopyHere($_.fullname)}


gr /\/\o\/\/

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