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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Simple Show-Image function for Monad

This function, will show a Image as background of a Form.

this makes it a small Picture viewer,

the static method fromFile of the .NET system.drawing.image class is used to get the Image from the filename.

The script will set the Image as background of the Form and it will size the form to the Size of the picture, if you pull it wider the picture gets tiled.

Also I Implemented a new trick to fix the focus problem, if you do not set the TopMost property of the Form to $true the form shows "hidden" behind the other forms. I did this in all the form examples for this reason.

Grzegorz Niemirowski, pointed me to a way to set this back again after the form is loaded, by using Add_shown in the NG Bringing form to front

(Oops, only when I did look up the link, I see he did the same thing allready , using a Picturebox.)


Strange I had to pick this as an example, without thinking about it, but I will post anyway, for the work and the picture of my niece ;-)

thanks Grzegorz, www.grzegorz.net

gr /\/\o\/\/

# /\/\o\/\/ 2006
# mow001.blogspot.com

Function Show-image {

  $Image = [system.drawing.image]::fromfile($filename)

  $form = new system.windows.forms.form
  $form.BackgroundImage = $image;$form.text = $Filename

  $size = $Image.size;$size.width += 8;$size.Height += 30
  $form.size = $size

  $form.topmost = $true
  $Form.Add_Shown({$form.topmost = $false})

Anonymous Anonymous
Generally, when I interact with the .net methods that load a file from disk, i need to provide a full path. Fortunately, we have a cmdlet that helps! This line:
$Image = [system.drawing.image]::fromfile($filename)

can be altered to

$Image = [system.drawing.image]::fromfile((resolve-path $filename))

and then you can just pass the file name
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Thanks for the comment en tip

gr /\/\o\/\/
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