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Monday, November 14, 2005


MSH More replacement script update (HotFix)

In the More Replacement in last Post : Enhanced More Function for MSH
, I forgot to close the files opened by the script, as Keith Hill pointed out to me in the NG.

as well as a nice feature request, The Having statement as in C#.

because as you see in the fixes below I need to do it in 3 Places now

as there is no more input to read from the file :

if ($byte -ne -1){[void]$sb.Append([char]$byte)}
Else {$fs.close();$eof = $True;break}

If you skip to next file :

"F" {$fs.close();$eof = $true;}

If you Quit.

"Q" {$fs.close();$eof = $true;$Quit = $true}

and even then if you use Ctrl-C to Exit, you have chance it not gets closed
(I think it's possible to overrule this, will look into that later.)
and a trap should be used to close the file in case of an unforseen error.

when I have worked the mentioned issues out, I post them till then, mentioned changes will solve most cases, and will get you going.

gr /\/\o\/\/

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