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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Getting and Working With SQL Server data in Monad

In my post about getting data from Excel in MSH : Using ADO to get data from Excel to Dataset in Monad. , I promised an SQL server example.

so here an example to get the data from a table or view (query) in a SQL server to a DataSet in Monad.

we do not use the System.Data.OleDb here, for a SQL server connection there is a special namespace in .NET, system.data.sqlclient.

as indicated in the Excel post for the rest is basicly the same, only I did format the Connectionstring a bit by using a Stringbuilder to split it up in Parts.

you just fill the parameters,

$source = SQL server name
$Catalog = the DateBase to Connect to :
$view = the View or Table to load.

I HardCoded the "Select *", as you can filter later, but you can also change this.

So now it looks like this.

$Source = "SQLServer"
$Catalog = "MowMON"
$view = "tblAdUsers"

$SB = New-object System.Text.StringBuilder
$SB = $SB.Append("Integrated Security=SSPI")
$SB = $SB.Append(";Persist Security Info=False")
$SB = $SB.Append(";Initial Catalog=$Catalog")
$SB = $SB.Append(";Data Source=$Source")

$SQLcon = New-object system.data.sqlclient.SqlConnection
$SQLcon.ConnectionString = $SB.ToString()

$SelectCMD = New-object system.data.sqlclient.SqlCommand
$SelectCMD.CommandTimeout = 30
$SelectCMD.Connection = $SQLCon

$SelectCMD.CommandText = "Select * from $view"

$da = new-object System.Data.SqlClient.SQLDataAdapter($SelectCMD)
$ds = new-object System.Data.dataset

Afer running this you can do things like this :
(I had a Table with all users Loaded)
(only I few as there are already more in the Excel example)
the first export a selection of the table to CSV file.

The second example does get the colums, I added this example, because the whole Table is a Property of the Column (and gets Partly Expanded), so If you do not do this you can get a lot of output (I had 4000+ Records in my Dataset ;-)).

the last one, was a check how many users where in today (vacationtime ;-))

# Export All Users starting 
$ds.tables[0].select("adu_Name like 'Mow12*'") | export-csv

# Get all ColumnNames
# (don't forget the Select on a Big Table, as the Whole Table is also a Property)
$ds.tables[0].Columns | select ColumnName

# Users vandaag binnen :

MSH H:\> ($ds.tables[0].select("adu_LastLogon > '$((get-date).date)'") | ft | Measure-Object).count

For some more Examples on using the DataSet you can look in the Exel Example :Using ADO to get data from Excel to Dataset in Monad.

For an example to Manualy Make a DataSet and an example of loading the dataSet into a DataGrid and show it on a Form you can look here :
WMI viewer script for MSH (GUI)

You can see have SQL data in the MSH CLI is very handy for scripts that take a list, you don't need to export it first.

greetings /\/\o\/\/

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