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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The Scripting Games Event 6 in MSH

And up for the answer to Event 6 but then in MSH

Event 6 is the Word Search Slalom ,
I liked this one, thas solves a Word Square.

I did skip event 6 for here as it's excel and not much different,

I will do the 15 points option, finding the words horizontal and vertical in the wordsquare.

The script looks like this :


# Get Text

$text = gc C:\scripts\event_6b.txt

# reverse the text

$textR = $text | foreach {$a = $_.ToCharArray();[array]::reverse($a);[string]::join("",$a)}

# Get Vertical Text 

$textV = [string]::join("",(0..($text[0].length - 1) | foreach {$i=$_;$text | foreach {$_[$i]}}))

# reverse the vertical text

$VR = $V | foreach {$a = $_.ToCharArray();[array]::reverse($a);[string]::join("",$a)}

# find the words 

$found = @()
$words | foreach {if ($VR -match $_){$found += $_}}
$words | foreach {if ($text -match $_){$found += $_}}
$words | foreach {if ($textR -match $_){$found += $_}}
$words | foreach {if ($textV -match $_){$found += $_}}

# output results

$words | foreach {"$_ = $($found -contains $_)"}


after a comment from DontBotherMeWithSpam (thanks),
I came up with this replacement for the Find words section :

# find the words  

foreach ($word in $words){$Text,$textR,$textV,$vr | foreach {if($_ -match $word){$found += $word}}}

Fixed a naming typo in the origional script and the textV line is cleaned up.

$found = @()

# Arrange text 

$text = gc C:\scripts\event_6b.txt
$textR = $text | foreach {$a = $_.ToCharArray();[array]::reverse($a);[string]::join("",$a)}
$textV = [string]::join("",(0..($text[0].length - 1) | foreach {Foreach ($line in $text){$Line[$_]}}))
$textVR = $textV | foreach {$a = $_.ToCharArray();[array]::reverse($a);[string]::join("",$a)}

# find the words 

foreach ($word in $words){$Text,$textR,$textV,$textVR | foreach {if($_ -match $word){$found += $word}}}

# output results

$words | foreach {"$_ = $($found -contains $_)"}


Greetings /\/\o\/\/
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PS In 2 day's with Event 7's solution I will post I nice replacement for the last line.

Blogger /\/\o\/\/
by Importing the VisualBasic namespace you can use the VB string functions as StrReverse


[microsoft.visualbasic.strings] | gm -static


But I prefered the array trick above importing the namespace.

but if you are really attached to your VB string functions,
you can find them there

gr /\/\o\/\/
Blogger Sung Meister
Well I did try to do a different way of doing "# find the words" section using "measure-object" but failed miserably.

Here is what I worked on partially.
( $words | where {$_ -match "ADSI"} | measure-object -words) | & { foreach ($i in $input) { if ($i.words -ge 1) { "found" } else { "not found" } } }

I guess it's just a bit more obfuscated and pointless and stupid :)

Would you try to come up with an answer using "measure-object"? I would like to know how it can be done :)
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
No good Idea,

try this ;-)

foreach ($word in $words){$word;($Text,$textR,$textV,$vr | where {$_ -match $word} | measure-object -words).words}

you can go on from that to make it a one-liner

gr /\/\o\/\/
Blogger Sung Meister
I see that my approach on using "measure-object" was way off compared to your revised one-liners :)
Anonymous Anonymous
You should be able to use [string]::concat($a) in place of [string]::join("",$a). It's a tiny bit more self documenting. :-) --Keith Hill
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
thanks I missed that one,
I also removed an other small mistake, I have to add a LineFeed, to the end of each line, to prevent words found, across lines, so the line will look like this :

$textV = [string]::concat((0..($text[0].length - 1) | foreach {Foreach ($line in $text){$Line[$_]};"`n"}))

gr /\/\o\/\/
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