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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Different ways to do things in Monad, and some links

There are often a lot of way's to do things in Monad :
for example see this thread in the newsgroup :

last character of the last line is a newline?

I posted this oneliner :

"updates : $($items foreach {$_;'`n'})"

but in a script I would more likely like something like this :

$sb = new Text.StringBuilder
$sb = $sb.Append("Updates :`n")
$ident = " " * ($sb.Capacity / 2)

foreach ($update in $updates)
$sb = $sb.Append("$Ident $Update`n")

if I needed to output date for a report etc, where I could not use just the format commands in MSH.

for another example of the stringbuilder, I use it to create the WMI scripts generated by get-WmiMethodhelp here : MSH get-WmiMethodHelp (GWM) Update + format tips.
I use $sb = $sb since : erroraction on new-item, my Wrong use of Stringbuilder (b.t.w. it was not "wrong" only different)

and for example this post on the Monad team blog :Days till Xmas and the comments
and you could also use AddSeconds etc. methods
or the Substract method(you need a cast then).

so it depents on the situation, also I'm still trying to find out a bit of a standard way to do things for myself, you can already see I do things different since my first posts, as I get more used to MSH.
I still have to develop a more "standard" coding habit for production scripts, but as we are still in beta, I like to find different way's.

another post in the Monad team blog, I would recomment reading is this one :
Finding which parameters are used the most, there are some very handy tricks in there.

and also on the Monad team blog Some CMDlets going to change there name :
Monad cmdlet cleanup update
(so some more things to do different)

also I nice trick I found here , [Monad][Windows]今日の Monad 離れ業
I could not read it but I liked this command :

get-member -InputObject (get-childitem -?) where {$_.MemberType -eq "NoteProperty"}

so this would be a way to list all the examples :

(get-command foreach {(&$_.name -?).examples})

again for a different version of this I did before : Read the raw Monad XML helpfiles
(and a different one still to come ;-) )

and to end this post, an exercise for you : (stolen from Eric and JS, to get comments ;-) )

how many way's you can find to list the current username ?
I did find a lot of them :-)

Tip, you can find a couple in my blog, but there are more to find.


gr /\/\o\/\/
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Blogger Nick
Slightly more succinct:

gcm | get-help |% {$_.Examples}

Where % is aliased to ForEach-Object.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
yes, it is I'm thinking for some time about this alias, but you need to suppy the alias in the script everytime, I already make the mistake sometimes posting to my blog using New (my alias for new-object).

but I think I will start to use % also in bigger scripts and add a standard section to set my aliases in the template
as it reads clean enough and I'm getting to lazy for foreach also ;-)

thanks for the comment,

greetings /\/\o\/\/
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