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Monday, November 21, 2005


Monad and Adam (and a preview of my to-be AD provider)

As Martin Zuguc told me that a WMI provider was show at the IT Forum by JS.

and I had looked at the PDC Provider walkthrough once again, thinking about WMI. I decided to put myself at a AD provider.

First I finally uninstalled all .NET beta stuff (I did want to do a reinstall first.. but it was keeping me to long) as MSH had messed up all my VS'es except the VS2002 , that I convinced my manager, I needed as an Admin-tool at the time ;-)
the great $50 version, made that possible. (b.t.w. I think my Euro calculator is broken as it was 100 Euro here ;-)) , but anyway cheap enough to convince my manager at the time. So you can imagine how glad I was with the VS2005 express prices ;-)

but OK, after installing a big list of beta .net stuff of my puter, downloading the C# -ISO , rebooting, I could not mount the Image, ok then I will burn it, … all my CD drives gone also, and a failing CDrom driver message in my eventlog.

After SP2 HF’s and rebooting, some google-ing… and I removed the upperfilter from the registry (just removing and redetect devices did not work), another reboot, my drives back and I could burn my image (mount proggy uninstalled in the process of Troubleshooting. )

Re-installed Monad and ready to go.

But to get back to the topic, to make an AD provider I needed an AD ….
Oops /\/\o\/\/ NO have…!
VPC beta ?.. hmm, …….(remembering a scripting guy’s article) …. Adam !

So there we go ..

Download ADAM :


look up the Article : (do before install, I did it later, leading to twice installing ADAM ;-)) yes, even better as I did remember, exactly what I needed !!

and we are ready to make are own testing AD for MSH ;-)

I made my instance mow and the DN “DC=Mow,DC=Adam” but you can mimic your own AD structure in ADAM.

I made the following script to make a start to the AD structure I needed for testing my “soon-to-be” provider.

The script looks like this :

$de = new-object system.directoryservices.directoryentry("LDAP://localhost:389/dc=mow,dc=adam")

$ou = $de.invoke("Create",("organizationalUnit", "ou=MowOu"))

$ou = $de.invoke("Create",("container", "cn=Users"))

$ou = new-object system.directoryservices.directoryentry("LDAP://localhost:389/ou=mowOu,dc=mow,dc=adam")

$user = $ou.invoke("Create",("user","cn=mow"))

I almost exactly copied this of the article, so I would like to point you there for more information (also a group example, but all basicly the Same)

b.t.w you can't use the nice .NET 2.0 ActiveDirectoryClasses for connecting to ADAM as with a domain like I showed here : AD Infastructure exploring with MSH , to connect, but I think you can set a "default naming context" somewhere.

And now we are set, and do some testing in AD stuff in Monad without a Domain

As now I can go on to the AD-provider part it started with, I already did a part, in C# and the refactoring . help was great as I started with the template from the PDC walktrough (some more info below the sample).

so have fun with Monad and Adam ;-)

Gr. /\/\o\/\/

I got My AD provider already Partly working
The current status of my provider :

MSH H:\> new-drive ad mowadp "LDAP://localhost:389/dc=mow,dc=adam"

Name Provider Root CurrentLocation
---- -------- ---- ---------------
ad mowadp LDAP://DC=MOW,DC=ADAM

MSH H:\> cd ad:
MSH ad:\> ls


MSH ad:\> gi .


Now I need to translate it to \mowou\users..
but I could not use the template on that because of the different structure,so I did delete all the path-helper methods from the example to clear it up a bit,(keep them on paper for reference).
Now I have to reimplement them to do my own parsing(but than again .... $regEx will do that for me lol.)also I'm just outputting the DirectoryEntry yet, I will need to wrap it also.but first needed to clean up as it was to different from the DB sample.
As I think looks nice already (if you keep the demo small enough)…
i'm just started,
But keep you posted ;-)

Second greetings /\/\o\/\/

Blogger Sung Meister
that looks quite stunning.
It actually made me so pumped up so that i feel like i should be creating a provider for SQL servers... :)

Would you gimme a pointer on how to get started on creating my own version of MSH provider?
Anonymous Anonymous
The PDC (Beta2) docs include the hands-on lab that was done which included writing a provider for Access - writing one for SQL Server wouldn't be very different than the Access provider, so you can use that as a starting point.

Anonymous Anonymous
That looks brilliant. My first thought of the monad provider architecture was - were is the AD provided? Do you have a version to test?

Blogger /\/\o\/\/
I think the AD provider is a V2 thing,

I also think it's kind a strange as it is launched with Exchange that is using AD to.

I did not have much time to work on my provider yet (basicly it's still the same) still need to handle the path s bit better (OU , DC, CN etc.)

also I don't think I want to return everything, making it more a simple user computer browser.
(performance and the lot of different kinds of properies in AD) guess thats keeping it fromV! to ;-)

but, maybe next weekend, I have some more time, to implement some more ;-)

but I'm merely exploring so don't expect to much of it :-)

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
Thanks for your quick response. Next friday I want to show the colleagues of our directory services team some things about monad. Trust me, one of the first questions is: "...and what about a AD or LDAP provider?". Now, I can tell them that someone is working on a small test/sample provider. :))

I think, we have to wait until Exchange 12 release and longer for a real AD provider from MS.

"MSFT Kenneth (Expert):
Q: ..."filesystem, registry, function, variable, certificate, alias, environment"; what about AD? Pretty hard to manage Exchange without that?
A: Exchange cmdlets will implicitly manage active directory as required. We will continue to work with AD, WMI and other groups for later releases.

MSFT Kenneth (Expert):
Q: hmmm - no AD (and no Wmi) provider at time of Ex12 release ? Seems a little strange with the Ex melding into AD.
A: Exchange cmdlets will implicitly manage active directory as required. We will continue to work with AD, WMI and other groups for later releases to create desired providers.

from: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community/chats/trans/windowsnet/wnet_120704.mspx

The Q&A is from December 22, 2004. I don't know if they changed their mind.
Blogger /\/\o\/\/
Therew are other way's witch make it easy to work with AD from MSH.

try some commands shown here :


(should impress them, let them do this in VBscript ;-)

Working with Byte-arrays in AD :


(you can also write them, PS make the change mentioned here :)


this are also so new things (don't show things on the bottom (b.t.w. is XP problem 2003 will do)


also this could be nice :


so there is more to AD in Monad as a provider.

Hope this helps,

gr /\/\o\/\/
Anonymous Anonymous
that helps me well. thanks.

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